Our Vision

At Platome Biotechnology we believe that quality matters from day one. Our mission is to provide high quality solutions for cell culture that are free of animal components and consist only of human growth factors derived from platelets. We provide a platform that allows researchers and companies to be quicker at translating basic research into the clinics by using an environment that mimics the human body from the first experiment onwards.

The scientific community has frequently voiced their concerns regarding the use of animal derived cell culture media. This is related to questions about the quality and safety as well as animal welfare. Recent guidelines regarding GMP in cell culture suggest the use of platelet based solutions instead of animal serum. Platelet solutions such as those produced by Platome Biotechnology.

We have spent years studying stem cells and platelet based solutions as well as developing and improving our production processes. We have validated the efficacy of our product and published the findings in scientific journals.

We want to contribute to the development of safe cell based medicine with safe cell culture solutions that can be used from the bench to bed.