Cell Culture

Easy transition to animal free products

Platome develops a range of solutions and products which solve the problems of animal serum. Our products are for scientists who grow cells and tissues in the laboratory. The products are used instead of animal serum without changing the methods applied. This allows for an easy transition to our products with minimal effort from the user, while also eliminating the problems of animal serum. Platome has demonstrated the efficacy of the products and their suitability to grow and support cells with scientific research and publications. Our products allow the user to save time and effort while gaining more quality with a reliable product.

Made from high quality platelets

All the products from Platome are made from platelets which are obtain from accredited blood banks. Platelets from blood banks have passed vigorous quality control and are a valuable material. We only use platelets that the blood banks are unable to use and intend to discard. We make full use of this valuable material, which would otherwise be discarded, in an environmentally friendly manner. Biological waste is reduced and the use of animal components excluded.